Streamster正常 平台

Streamster is a compact and easy to use trading platform, and it is a recommended choice for all new traders. Apart from its ease of use, Streamster is also a powerful platform that hides a lot under its simplistic design. Its unique features include international multi-channel chat where traders can freely talk about market or any other topic and where customer support is provided to our clients in real-time. Streamster is also unique by having both live and virtual trading desks exist within one trading account making it a very convenient platform for educational purposes. In addition, there is an integrated Account Center that allows traders to perform most of their account administrative tasks, like funds transfer, deposit and withdrawal, which makes Streamster the default trading platform at our company.

  • 当前状态: 正常
  • 服务项目: Forex, Index and Commodity CFDs
  • 交易时间: Sunday 22:15 - Friday 21:00 GMT
  • 余额限制: None
  • 杠杆: 1:100
  • 佣金: None
  • 保证金利息: None
  • 执行类型: Automatic (1 second delay)
  • 交易单位: 1 - 300,000 (initially 100,000)
  • 合约限制: Maximum 50 open positions per desk type (200 in total)
  • 交易量限制: Maximum USD 300,000 or equivalent (cumulative) in open positions
  • 交易限制: Minimum 3 pips for target levels
  • 账户货币: USD, EUR, JPY, GBP, CHF, CAD, AUD



外汇 现货 品种

EUR/USDEUR/USDEuro / US Dollar50.000050.00005
USD/JPYUSD/JPYUS Dollar / Japanese Yen30.0040.004
GBP/USDGBP/USDBritish Pound / US Dollar50.000050.00005
USD/CHFUSD/CHFUS Dollar / Swiss Franc50.000050.00005
USD/CADUSD/CADUS Dollar / Canadian Dollar50.000040.00004
AUD/USDAUD/USDAustralian Dollar / US Dollar50.000040.00004
NZD/USDNZD/USDNew Zealand Dollar / US Dollar50.000040.00004
EUR/JPYEUR/JPYEuro / Japanese Yen30.0050.005
EUR/GBPEUR/GBPEuro / British Pound50.000050.00005
EUR/CHFEUR/CHFEuro / Swiss Franc50.000050.00005
GBP/JPYGBP/JPYBritish Pound / Japanese Yen30.0040.004
AUD/JPYAUD/JPYAustralian Dollar / Japanese Yen30.0050.005
CHF/JPYCHF/JPYSwiss Franc / Japanese Yen30.0050.005
GBP/CHFGBP/CHFBritish Pound / Swiss Franc50.000040.00004
EUR/CADEUR/CADEuro / Canadian Dollar50.000040.00004
EUR/AUDEUR/AUDEuro / Australian Dollar50.000050.00005
AUD/CADAUD/CADAustralian Dollar / Canadian Dollar50.000050.00005

指数 期货差价合约 品种

XFR 40XFR40CFD based on CAC 40 Future20.100.50
XDE 30XDE30CFD based on DAX Future20.050.25
XUK 100XUK100CFD based on FTSE 100 Future20.050.25
XUS 100XUS100CFD based on NASDAQ 100 Future20.100.50
XUS 30XUS30CFD based on Dow Jones E-Mini Future20.100.50
XUS 500XUS500CFD based on S&P 500 Future20.030.15

商品 现货差价合约 品种

GoldGOLDCFD based on Spot Gold (oz)20.030.15
SilverSILVERCFD based on Spot Silver (oz)30.0200.040

注: 点差是可变的,其值为卖出价(Bid)与买入价(Offer/Ask)之间的差值,点差经常会在周末、收盘后交易、市场相关公告发布时或市场混乱时发生不可预料变化或变大。请查看上面所列平台的可用交易品种的基本点差列表。所列的当前点差最大延迟可能达到20分钟。