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Trading FAQ

The following are the questions beginner traders often ask. If there are additional questions you feel we should address, please notify us and we will list your questions to assist other clients. Please have in mind that this is a general trading-related FAQ, while there are other documents on this web site that address AGEA-specific topics.

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2.1. What is long and short position?

Long (buy then sell) position and short (sell then buy) position are: a long position is simply one in which a trader buys a market instrument at one price and aims to sell it later at a higher price. In this scenario, the trader benefits from a rising market. A short position is one in which the trader sells a market instrument in anticipation that it will depreciate. In this scenario, the trader benefits from a declining market. For more details, please check https://www.agea.com/index.ncre?page=re-orders-and-positions page.

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