Account Center

Payment Policy

When you open a new account, AGEA creates a corresponding billing table that will contain each and every transaction performed on the account. You can review the billing table by logging on the Account Center and selecting the Billing option. When you make your first deposit to the account it will be the first transaction recorded in the billing table.

AGEA allows you to make a deposit to your account in any amount you choose. Both your subscription charges and trading charges will be applied against the funds deposited to your account. For certain payment methods, as credit card payment, AGEA allows you to specify auto-recurrent payment procedure so the subscription-related payments will be automatically charged to you.

Once you start receiving AGEA's services you have previously subscribed to or you start trading activity, the subscription and trading charges will be subtracted from your account balance and corresponding transactions will be recorded in the billing table. The services provided by AGEA will be delivered to you through trading platforms you can download from AGEA.com. The subscription and trading billing process will be performed by a subscription server at AGEA.

Subscriptions, Cancellations and Refunds

During the account opening process AGEA asks you to select a user template. Each template listed contains certain subscription package in itself. When you select a template and create your new account the subscriptions contained in the template will be copied to your new account.

In addition to this initial subscription process, you are able to change your subscriptions once you logon to the subscription server using the default trading platform. The default trading platform allows you to subscribe to and unsubscribe from any AGEA's service. If you want to close your account and cancel all your subscriptions you need to login to the Account Center and go to the Support section where you can request your account to be closed.

Once your account has been charged for subscription to AGEA service, your payment for the then-current term of the subscription is non-refundable, and the subscription will auto-renew until you decide to cancel the subscription or until there is no more funds available on your account. If you cancel, your subscription will remain active until the end of the then-current term of your subscription, but your subscription will not auto-renew at the end of that time period.

Funds Withdrawal Procedures

You can withdraw a portion or all of funds remaining on your account at any time. Depending on the type of withdrawal, you might be charged a withdrawal fee. Please consult our price list for more details. If you choose to withdraw funds from your account you need to login to the Account Center at AGEA.com and go to the Services section where you can request funds withdrawal. You need to select a withdrawal method and specify necessary information regarding the withdrawal transaction. As soon as AGEA verifies the data specified a withdrawal transaction will be initiated.