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"AGEA INTERNATIONAL" joint stock company - Podgorica, with corporate seat in Podgorica, Arsenija Boljevića, Business City 2A, CIN 02771896, represented by Nikolina Dabetić, liquidator (the "Company") hereby invite all known creditors of the Company to report claims in the procedure of voluntary liquidation of the Company (“Notice”).

On March 28, 2023, at the general assembly of the Company's shareholders, a decision was made on the voluntary liquidation of the Company.

Acting in accordance with Article 256 para. 1 of the Law on Business Organizations of Montenegro ("Official Gazette of Montenegro", nos. 65/2020 and 146/2021), the Company invites you to report your claim towards the Company within 60 days as of the date of receipt of this Notice.

Reporting claims to the Company is done by submitting a claim application to the Company's official address in written form (listed in the introduction of the Notice) or electronically via e-mail office@agea.com, whereas the claim application should contain the following information:

    -    the name or business name and corporate seat, that is, the place of residence of the creditor with contact address and contact information;
    -    transactional account number, with payment instructions;
    -    the legal basis of the claim;
    -    amount of claim.

After you submit the claim application, the liquidator will make a decision on approving or disputing the reported claim.

Podgorica, 15 June 2023
Nikolina Dabetić

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