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Montenegro, April 2012 - AGEA International AD, an international provider of high quality online trading services, has launched its new web site today. Multi-platform support, detailed service profiles, updated account opening process, and Forum, Start and Extra web sites are exciting new improvements that our clients will benefit from.

Along with our native Streamster platform, we now offer MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and in the near future will be offering MetaTrader 5 (MT5) with several other web-based and mobile platforms that are currently in the final stages of development. Clients can use their existing accounts to have several platform-specific trading accounts within the master account. Transfer of funds and management of these accounts is seamless allowing our clients to devote their full attention to trading.

There are several account types available through the MT4 platform, including cent-denominated, for trading with smaller amounts, and a straight-through-processing account type where trades are directly forwarded to our liquidity providers for execution.

We are also proud to announce new branding and design for our web site which we hope our clients will find aesthetically pleasing. Our team at AGEA is looking forward to receiving clients' reviews and suggestions on the new web site and platforms.

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