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Streamster API

The pages referenced below describe how to use the Streamster API to create applications that interface with the Streamster trading platform. Applications using the Streamster API can retrieve various data from the platform, execute and modify orders and positions, and perform a variety of related actions.

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1.2. Using API from Visual Basic

Using Streamster API from Visual Basic is simple because it natively supports SOAP web services. There are numerous ways to consume a web service from Visual Basic, but the simplest is to add a "Web Service Reference" to your Visual Basic project. The address of the Streamster API Web Service is and this is what needs to be specified when adding the web service reference to your Visual Basic project.

Once the reference is added to your project, using Streamster API is as simple as using any other Visual Basic object. For example, try the code below:

Dim api As StreamsterApi = New StreamsterApi
Dim q As Quote = api.GetQuote("EUR/USD")

Console.WriteLine ("Last = " & q.Last)

If your Visual Basic project is a Windows Forms application, you can change the last line to Label1.Text = q.Last or similar.

Depending on your version of Visual Basic, you will need to make sure you add a "Web Service Reference", not a "Service Reference". If you add a "Service Reference", the name of the Streamster API class will be "StreamsterApiClientInterface" instead of just "StreamsterApi" so examples shown in this document would have to be updated accordingly in this case.

After Streamster API web service reference is added to your Visual Basic project, it is also necessary to add Streamster API web service reference to the list of "Imported Namespaces" in your Visual Basic project. This is necessary so that you will not have to prefix each Streamster API type with a web service reference name, which can be tedious.

To find out how to add a web service reference to the list of "Imported Namespaces" in your project, please consult the Visual Basic help system.

Send us your comments and any suggestions you might have about the Streamster API. We look forward to receiving your input and improving content on this page to help you utilize the API to its full extent.