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Perkhidmatan Platform

AGEA menyediakan perkhidmatan melalui beberapa platform dagangan. Sila dapatkan maklumat terperinci mengenai perkhidmatan, ciri-ciri dan had untuk setiap platform dagangan yang disenaraikan di bawah. Anda boleh menggunakan senarai kelengka platform lain dengan melawat pautan platform yang disenaraikan di halaman ini.

Streamster is a compact and easy to use trading platform, and it is a recommended choice for all new traders. Apart from its ease of use, Streamster is also a powerful platform that hides a lot under its simplistic design. Its unique features include international multi-channel chat where traders can freely talk about market or any other topic and where customer support is provided to our clients in real-time. Streamster is also unique by having both live and virtual trading desks exist within one trading account making it a very convenient platform for educational purposes. In addition, there is an integrated Account Center that allows traders to perform most of their account administrative tasks, like funds transfer, deposit and withdrawal, which makes Streamster the default trading platform at our company.
Status Semasa:OK
Perkhidmatan yang Disediakan:Forex, Index and Commodity CFDs, and Funds for educational purposes
Waktu Dagangan:Sunday 22:15 - Friday 21:00 GMT
Had Baki:None
Margin Faedah:None
Jenis Perlaksanaan:Automatic (1 second delay)
Saiz Perdagangan:1 - 300,000 (initially 100,000)
Had Posisi:Maximum 50 open positions per desk type (200 in total)
Had Volum:Maximum USD 300,000 or equivalent (cumulative) in open positions
Had Perdagangan:Minimum 7 points for target levels
Mata Wang Akaun:USD, EUR, JPY, GBP, CHF, CAD, AUD

MetaTrader 4Platform
MetaTrader 4 is a more advanced, programmable trading platform intended for use by professional traders. It provides the necessary tools and resources to analyze price dynamics of financial instruments, perform trade transactions and create and use automated trading programs (Expert Advisors). It is an all-in-one concept and is one of the most popular trading platforms in the world. There are several chart time-frames and numerous built-in indicators that help simplify analysis, determine trends, define various shapes and identify entry and exit points. It is a platform with its own programming language MQL4, specifically designed for trading, built-in editor and compiler with access to a user contributed free library of Expert Advisors, custom indicators and scripts, making it an ideal choice for algorithmic trading.
Status Semasa:OK
Perkhidmatan yang Disediakan:Forex, Index and Commodity CFDs
Waktu Dagangan:Sunday 22:15 - Friday 21:00 GMT
Margin Faedah:Currency swap rates (Forex), primary bank rates (CFDs)
Jenis Perlaksanaan:Automatic (instant)
Had Posisi:Maximum 200 open positions
Had Volum:None
Had Perdagangan:Minimum 3 points for target levels
Mata Wang Akaun:USD, EUR, GBP,CHF
Jenis Akaun:Standard
Had Baki:Minimum USD 100
Leverage:1:1 - 1:200 (initially 1:100)
Saiz Perdagangan:1,000 - 1,000,000
Jenis Akaun:Cent
 Balances and transactions are denominated in cents for trading with smaller amounts.
Had Baki:USD 6 - 5,000
Leverage:1:1 - 1:500 (initially 1:100)
Saiz Perdagangan:1,000 - 1,000,000
Jenis Akaun:STP
 All orders are directly routed to our liquidity providers (Straight-Through-Processing).
Had Baki:Minimum USD 1,000
Leverage:1:1 - 1:100 (initially 1:100)
Komisen:USD 2 on Forex and USD 10 on Commodity Spot trades for 100,000 notional value
Saiz Perdagangan:1,000 - 1,000,000

MetaTrader 5Merancang Platform
MetaTrader 5 is a platform designed for trading both derivatives and equities through a single trading account. Although a continuation of MetaTrader 4 philosophy this platform introduces new features like modified order queuing and different position handling. It is a high performance trading platform with outstanding execution speed, increased number of chart types and time-frames, new order types and execution modes, and a large number of analytical tools. Although the new programming language MQL5 does not provide backward compatibility with the previous MQL4 language, it introduces a number of new and improved features. Individual calculation frameworks (agents) are introduced to distribute Expert Advisor testing load and to keep well-known emphasis of the platform on the algorithmic trading.
Status Semasa:Merancang
Perkhidmatan yang Disediakan:ECN, CFDs